When you are looking for full size mattress sets there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Since you spend one 3rd of your life in bed, you want something that will last and be comfortable. The brand name, firmness level, type of box spring, thickness of the mattress, supplies used for the set and your budget must all be considered when looking to get a full set mattress.

Shorter Than King Size

The first thing to do is have a set amount you want to spend. Now not all full sized mattress sets are expensive. You can find some sets that are cheaper in value, but then you have to consider the material and level of comfort. Remember when buying a complete size mattress set that they are shorter in length than a queen or king sized bed set. If you are a tall person, it might not accommodate your height, thus your feet will hang off the mattress. Keep this in mind when testing the mattresses before you buy a set.

The materials used according to, more so than the box spring, will determine your level of convenience. You can select from memory foam mattresses, inner spring mattresses or other types of mattress components. Whichever materials you select will determine the firmness or softness of the mattress set you buy. The thickness of the mattress matters not so significantly for ease and comfort as it does for buying bedding accessories. Most sheet sets are made for fourteen-inch thick mattresses. Some go as higher as seventeen inches, but these might have to be ordered within a catalog or online.

Advertising Hype

Do you want an adjustable air mattress or a memory foam mattress? The level of convenience depends on the type of mattress set you buy. If you suffer from backaches or restless sleep, you might want one that will deliver a softer sleep such as a memory form mattress. Different manufactures are going to have different brands and models. There are so many brand names on the market – you might believe that one that you hear about all the time is the best, but be aware that it may just be advertising hype. You have to check out different brands to see what they provide.

Remember the foundation of your bed set as well. A bed frame that is not sturdy is not going to support your mattress and box spring. Steel frames are significantly much better with slats that go across. If you are using a platform bed frame, you already have the support needed. You full size mattress sets will be coordinated to match, which makes it nice when buying the entire set. Sometimes the box spring will last longer than the mattress, in which scenario you will simply need to replace them each so often.